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Marca: CanonCanon 814 (alquiler)
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The Canon Auto Zoom 814 Super 8 movie camera was one of very good quality back in its day (purchased new in 1973). This camera has been in wrapped up and put away for the past 30 years and is in excellent condition. All functions work well. The lens is clear with no fogging or dirt. The batteries were removed, so there is no corrosion in the battery compartment (4 AA required). All of the various plugs and covers are there: rear eyepiece cover, remote socket cover, etc. The camera will shoot film at 18 or 24 fps, single frame mode, and also a slow motion mode of about 40 fps. Focus is manual. The zoom feature can be either manual or electrically driven. There is a fade function for fading in and out of scenes. A remote control, included, can be used for taking pictures without having to press the exposure button on the camera. This is a great feature for macro or single frame exposures. Connecting a flash or lamp to the top of the camera automatically cancels a built in CCA filter for artificial light color film. This filter is selected by the film catridge and can be defeated manually desired. The lense is a 7.5 – 60 mm 1:1.4 which can also shoot in the macro mode (about 6” from subject). Focal range is 1.2 m to infinity


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